About Me

I am Tejas Amle and I am currently pursuing my Bachelors degree in Computer Science Engineering from Bennett University Greater Noida. Being a young adult, I possess new and innovative ideas. I have the dedication and determination towards work. I am able to adapt myself with the requirements of the organisations. I like to explore new technology and I'm a proactive learner with ambition to do something unique which will be helpful for society.

Skill Proficiency



Community Building


Machine Learning


App Development


Public Speaking


Web Development


Some of my Projects

Hand Gesture Controller

This is our Computer science Semester 1 Project, using python and Arduino IDE. You can now control your system without touching the computer but just with some hand gestures. On your system on VLC player you can PLAY/PAUSE REWIND/FORWARD VOLUME UP/DOWN.


It is a Gender and Emotion recognition ML project. The project aims to classify the human faces into 7 different types of emotions (Happy, Neutral, Sad, Fear, Disgusted, Anger, Surprised) using deep convolutional neural networks/ The model is trained on the FER-2013 dataset.

Home Automation

Home Automation Project using NodeMCU and relay. This is the complete arduino IDE code to put all the required code in NodMCU.

Volunteering & Comunity Experience

Microsoft Student Partner

Microsoft Student Partners are on-campus student leaders with a passion for sharing technology with people around. Host events, workshops, and hackathons about Microsoft technologies like Azure, GitHub, etc. on campus and build and grow a community of students on-campus and online. To acquire tools and training to lead technology discussions on campus and inform students about student benefits like Azure credits. The most amazing part is to work closely with Microsoft and other MSPs and build networks.

Bennett Open Source Society

Bennett Open Source Society (BOSS) is a computing society run by students of Bennett University with a focus to promote open-source programing and computer related technological discussions in our campus.We conducted workshops sessions to maintain a cosing atmosphere in university

Core Team Member DSC

DSC is a Google Developers program, designed to help you build your mobile and web development skills and knowledge. DSC at Bennett conducts workshops, seminars and other fun activities which help the students connect with Google technologies. Also, our major aim is to build amazing projects which solve real-life problems.

Also check my blogs

Git and Github in a Nutshell!!!

If you are reading this you might have heard about Git and Github and at first glance it also might have seem to be very difficult or we could say confusing as well.The jargon they use like push, pull, stash, commit, remote, master etc does nothing to help understand what it's about.

I'm Available as an Intern.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line. If you dont get a answer immediately, I might just be travelling through the middle of nowhere. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.